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Some version of this website has been floating around in my head for quite a while. I originally considered a GoFundMe to collect continuous donations that would go towards helping the homeless population with things like gas cards, water, and green camping propane tanks; or to collect donations for another specific purpose that would serve the homeless in our community. I had another idea that was suggested to me from a good friend, that there isn't exactly a useful all-in-one list of services available to those in need. I checked the City of Bend website to see if there was anything useful listed there as far as services for low income families or homeless folks, and what I found next to useless. This is very much needed in our community.

Bend, Oregon is not an easy place to survive, even if you have a full time job and a roof over your head. It is no secret that this is a popular place to live and housing prices seem to go higher and higher, year after year. The biggest industry is tourism and the restaurants are aplenty. Many folks would say they are a paycheck or two from being homeless. Cost of living has risen to an astronomical range. Some folks have enough family support to stay afloat, but others are not so lucky. This is simply one example of how easily it could be to lose your housing and become homeless- each is just as valid as the next. The goal of this website is not to judge, but to be a simple straightforward place for information for anyone that needs help.

The list is not exhaustive, meaning, it does not contain every single possible resource available in our community. It is limited to Bend, and it will be updated and checked regularly. I scoured the internet as best I could to find a big list of great resources, but I am fine to admit that I am not perfect and may have missed something. Please let me know if there is something important that has not been added.

Once I figure out specifics on donations- what items, what vendors, a distribution schedule- I will make an update here to let anyone following along know. I have been so happy to see so many amazing mutual aid groups popping up and I hope that I will at least be able to point more folks in their direction. I truly want to help!

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