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Where to go from here?

I apologize I have not been as active as I would have liked to be with this project. I created it during a volatile time both in my city and in my personal life. It was partly used as a creative and productive project to distract myself from the daily struggle of watching my dad's battle against cancer quickly come to a close. Once he was gone, I didn't have motivation to care about or do much of anything for a while. However, I do appreciate the fact that he took the time to look at the survival guide brochures I made and give me his praise for caring about other people.

I would really love this to be a more active site. I want to encourage people to give a helping hand once in a while instead of the common negative reactions we see everyday towards the homeless population here in Bend and the greater Central Oregon. We are all aware that not everyone chooses that life. I am not going to get into that. I just want to say that I believe to my core that everyone deserves the offer of safety, food, assistance, etc. I can't force someone to eat a sandwich but I can make sure they know how to get one if they feel that's what would help them in that moment!

I'm working on some ideas to expand this and try and make it a bigger more reliable resource. I still have brochures available if anyone reading this would like some. I am going to distribute some this week as well. Please share this website with anyone you have ever met and send me a message if you have any ideas or suggestions.


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